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Note: The banner ads above that are offering DNA testing are not affiliated with our French project. We are using FamilyTreeDNA of Houston, Texas for our French project.

French Family Links

Join the French List at It is a great way to make contact with other French Family researchers. You can also search the archive of past French List posts.

Also check out the French Message Boards at and Also, the French Family Association Web Site.

French List at

French Message Board at

French Message Board at

French Family Association Web Site

Genetic Info Links

Join the Genealogy-DNA List at
The members are very willing to answer your questions about Genetic Genealogy.

Genealogy-DNA List at

Other Family Surname Projects

These two sites lists many other Surname DNA Projects that are also being done. They also have additional information about genetics.

Kevin Duerinck's DNA Projects List

Chris Pomery's DNA Projects List

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