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Gen First Name Surname Title Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place
1 John FRENCH   ~1755 England ? England
1 Anna CRACKNELL   ~1757 England ? England
2 William FRENCH I ~1782 Finchingfield, Essex Co, England <1831 Panfield, Essex Co, England
2 Charlotte WILLIS   ~1782 Shalford, Essex Co, England 1860 Finchingfield, Essex Co, England
3 William FRENCH II ~1805 Panfield, Essex Co, England 1884 Great Saling, Essex Co, England
3 Phoebe JOYCE   ~1807 Great Saling, Essex Co, England 1856 Great Saling, Essex Co, England
4 William FRENCH III 1843 Great Saling, Essex Co, England 1899 Shoebury, Essex Co, England
4 Sophia DADSON   1836 Yalding, Kent Co, England 1903 Unknown
5 Frederick Charles FRENCH   1875 Marsh, Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire Co, England 1944 Unknown
5 Mary Ann Thorogood SCOTT   1880 Limehouse, Middlesex Co, England 1968 Unknown

Last Updated on 8/18/03

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