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Richard French, Family Group # 102
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Gen First Name Surname Title Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place
1 Richard FRENCH   ~1775 Sussex Co, NJ 1838 Tuscarawas, OH
1 Easter SCROSMAN   ? NJ ? NJ
1 Elizabeth VAN VIERA/VAN AUKEN   ? NJ >1840 Pickneyville, Perry Co, IL
2 Moses FRENCH   1809 Sussex Co, NJ ~1850's Pickneyville, Perry Co, IL
2 Jane EDDIE   1809 Tuscarawas, OH >1840 Pickneyville, Perry Co, IL
3 William FRENCH   1832 Tuscarawas, OH ~1866 Pickneyville, Perry Co, IL
3 Margaret WILLSON   ? Perry Co, IL >1880 Perry Co, IL
4 Richard Vale FRENCH Dr. 1864 Perry Co, IL 1955 KY
4 Mattie Martha RICE   ? ? 1911 Dallas, TX
4 Louise Loulie BOSS   ~1866 Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY ~1960 KY

Last Updated on 8/19/03

Richard French of Sussex Co, NJ Website

1...Richard French was born in 1775 and is, first found on the militia eligible list for 1793 in Sussex Co., NJ. Richard and Easter (S)Crosman (DRC records) christen Selitie b. 1799, Susana and Caty in 1803 at the DRC at Walpack, Sussex Co. NJ. In 1805, Richard French and his wife, Elizabeth Van Vlerden?, christen their children, Marie and Moses. By 1810 Richard, his wife and three children appear on the Census of Cross Creek, Washington Co., PA. Richard died in 1838 in Tuscawaras, OH.

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