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Samuel French, Family Group # 103
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Gen First Name Surname Title Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place
1 Samuel FRENCH   1727 Unknown ~1790 On Anson Co, NC Tax List 1748-1765
1 Unknown UNKNOWN   ? Unknown ? Unknown
2 Samuel FRENCH   ~1755 Anson Co, NC >1820 Stewart Co, TN
2 Molly UNKNOWN   ? Unknown ? Unknown
3 Gideon Richard FRENCH   1780 Wilkes Co, GA 1870 Carroll Co, TN
3 Rebecca Angeline ANDERSON   1788 Logan Co, KY >1873 Carroll Co, TN
4 Richard Ely FRENCH   1823 Henry Co, TN 1864 Puducah, KY
4 Mary Frances MOORE   1829 Carroll Co, TN 1919 Bee Branch, Van Buren Co, AR
5 George W. FRENCH   1860 Carroll Co, TN 1937 Bee Branch, Van Buren Co, AR
5 Armittie T. MOORE   1862 Henry Co, TN 1943 Bee Branch, Van Buren Co, AR

Last Updated on 8/19/03

1...Samuel French was born about 1727 and is, first, found in Anson Co.,, NC when he witnesses a deed in 1748. He is on the tax list in Anson Co.,NC, in 1763, along with James French, who could be his brother or father. When Samuel is found, next, in Rutherford Co., NC, on the 1782 tax schedule, James is not with him, but Samuel's sons, Thomas, and Samuel are of age. There is, also, a Moses French in the area who is, most likely, Samuel's son. Samuel, also, had son, John, who came of age after they moved to Greeneville, SC by 1790.

2......Samuel, Jr. and wife, Molly, are in Wilkes County, GA by 1782 and in Greenville, SC by 1790 along with his brothers. By 1796 they are all in Montgomery Co., TN.

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