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Aaron French, Family Group # 113
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Gen First Name Surname Title Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place
1 Aaron FRENCH   ? Unknown ? Unknown
1 Unknown UNKNOWN   ? Unknown ? Unknown
2 Aaron FRENCH   1767 Essex, NJ 1850 Johnstown, OH
2 Ruth COE   1770 Unknown 1835 Unknown
3 John FRENCH   1795 Amity, PA 1874 Onslow, IA
3 Sara CLARK   1801 Amity, PA 1891 Onslow, IA
4 Joseph FRENCH   1823 Green Co, PA 1900 Wyoming, IA
4 Gracie BEAVER   1836 Homer, OH 1911 Wyoming, IA
5 James Myron FRENCH   1865 Unknown 1948 Unknown
5 Carrie BENDER   1868 Unknown ?1904 Unknown

Last Updated on 8/19/03

2...Aaron French was born in 1767 in Essex Co., NJ and died Jan 1850 in Johnstown, OH. His children were: Joseph, John, Ira, Abigail, Rachel, Deborah, Ruth, Jacob and Thirza.

3......Aaron's son, John French, was born 1795 in Amity, PA and died in 1874 in Onslow, IA. He married Sara Clark who was born in Amity PA. Their children were: Aaron 1819-1909 (twin), Bethuel 1819-1904 (twin), Joseph 1823-1900, Jessee Clark 1832-1905, Eliza Ann 1836, Joanna 1936, Isaac Newton 1840, Eliza or Elija1825-1896.

4........Their son, Joseph French, was born 19 Mar 1823 in Green Co. PA and died 3 Jul 1900 in Wyoming, IA. He married, first, Catherine Sinkey and, second, Gracie Beaver. Gracie waas born 31 Jan 1836 near Homer, OH and died 13 Jan 1911 in Wyoming, IA.

5............Joseph and Gracie's son, James French, was bron 18 Feb 1865 and died 29 Jan 1948. He married Carrie Bender.

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