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French Surname DNA Project

Daughtered-Out Lines

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FG# Female Ancestor Dates Location P# FG# M Male Ancestor Dates Location Hap
101 Mary Ann 1828-1861 NC 1001 101 Joseph ~1726-1774 NC R1b
116 Alice 1864-1931 OR 1016 116   Thomas 1639-1699 ENG / NJ R1b
111 Mary "Molly" 1750-? ENG 1011 111   Richard 1595-? ENG / NJ R1b
? Jeanne 1908 MI ? ?   ? ? ? ?

Last Updated on 8/3/04

There has been a great deal of interest from people whose French lines have daughtered-out about how they could participate and benefit from the project.

In this section, we will list those lines. We will be better able to make connections and build a more accurate picture of our different French lines.

We will use the same direct line format as the Ancestor Lists.

Click on the first name links above to see the respective Ancestor List.

Please use the spreadsheet template listed below to fill in your information and then email the file to the address below. This saves a great deal of time in getting the information posted to the website. If you do not have a spreadsheet program, you may email, fax or mail the information.

Spreadsheet for Windows 98 & Up Users

Spreadsheet for Windows 95 Users

Spreadsheet for Macintosh Users

Email for Completed Ancestor List